Experience with Intimate Relationship Size – Brief Function (ECR-S)

Experience with Intimate Relationship Size – Brief Function (ECR-S)

The action inside the Romantic Dating Measure (ECR-S) try good twelve goods mind-report mature attachment concept questionnaire focussed into close relationships. Considering Ainsworth’s kids accessory appearances literature, so it measure tips maladaptive attachment from inside the adulthoods who will be inside the a good partnership. This new ECR-S gives score on two circumstances important in adult attachment:

  1. Accessory reduction is defined as involving concern about reliance and you may social closeness, a way too high importance of notice-dependency, and you will resistance so you can thinking-disclose.
  2. Accessory anxiety is described as involving an anxiety about social rejection otherwise abandonment, a too high dependence on acceptance of someone else, and you will stress whenever one’s blackchristianpeoplemeet lover is unavailable otherwise unreactive.

The scale was designed to determine an over-all “trait” trend out of mature connection that’s useful in conceptualising exactly how members work psychologically to close matchmaking. When used included in a therapeutic procedure, that it unit is beneficial within the collaborating with a client to create a provided ingredients around the underpinnings out of dating dilemmas.

In the event that a beneficial respondent isn’t currently inside a partnership this new counselor can also be make them keep in mind how they considered once they have been last-in that.

Authenticity and you will Accuracy

Brennan et al. (1998) reported that this new ECR enough time type had an advanced level away from inner feel within the a couple points, having coefficient alphas away from .91 and .94 for the Anxiety and Cures subscales, correspondingly, within the student people. Wei ainsi que al. (2007) confirmed within attempt (N=851) that brief form of the dimensions got one or two facts having higher interior structure, having coefficient alphas regarding .78 (Anxiety) and you can .84 (Avoidance). Correlations between your Stress and you will Avoidance subscales was in fact low (r = .19), and therefore indicated that those two procedures shown distinct dimensions of accessory.

Consistent with the connection principle predictions, the fresh new create legitimacy of one’s ECR-S was supported by the good association of connection anxiety with emotional reactivity and the positive relationship of attachment reduction which have mental cutoff (Wei et al. 2007).

Convergent legitimacy are situated by way of correlation analyses with various screening (Wei ainsi que al. 2007): An excessive amount of encouragement looking to is actually rather associated with attachment anxiety however with attachment cures. Despair is somewhat in the each other connection stress and you will reduction. To put it briefly, the ECR-S features a constant foundation framework and you may appropriate interior feel, test-retest accuracy, and create authenticity.

Scoring and you can Interpretation

Abilities feature a couple ratings towards the a few separate issues; accessory anxiety and connection protection. Minimal rating per scale try 7 and you will a max rating out-of 42. At exactly the same time, ratings are illustrated when it comes to percentile ranks than the a good normative decide to try. A good percentile away from fifty signifies regular (and you may suit) connection, while higher percentiles portray much more difficulties with mature accessory compared to peers.

People who score at the top of either or these two proportions is actually assumed for a vulnerable mature connection positioning. By contrast, those with lower levels from accessory stress and you can reduction will likely be considered having a secure mature attachment orientation (Brennan ainsi que al., 1998). On the other hand, higher scores was significantly and you can certainly linked to depression, stress, interpersonal distress, or loneliness.


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